The women feel much secure under the Sharia law

The women feel much secure under the Sharia law and do not wish to be governed under a Uniform Civil Code," she asserted.The Board has already started a signature campaign in support of the practice.Zehra also hit out at right wing groups for fueling the debate.AIMPLB has submitted an affidavit to the apex court stating that though triple talaq is "undesirable", it is "permissible" in Islam.The All-India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has, in its opposition to the move, submitted an affidavit to the apex court stating that though triple talaq is "undesirable", it is "permissible" in Islam.Noorjehan Safia Niaz, co-founder of Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA), which is one of the petitioners in the Supreme Court against triple talaq, said, "No one can stop the citizen of this country from approaching the court. This is an issue created by the RSS. And, in many cases, where our members are not there, we are getting good support from them, mostly spontaneous," Faruqui claimed. That is a right Muslim women also have."Zehra, however, alleged that the groups opposing the practice were "tools of BJP". China CONCEALED-HEAD STANDOFFS Suppliers (Representational image/File Photo) AIMPLB has submitted an affidavit to the apex court stating that though triple talaq is "undesirable", it is "permissible" in Islam. New Delhi: Muslim women from across the country feel secure under the Sharia law and do not want a Uniform Civil Code, AIMPLB claimed today amid a raging debate on the practice of 'triple talaq'.Meanwhile many women activists have slammed the board for its counter-affidavit, saying the Muslim body has "turned a blind eye" to the plight of women suffering due to this practice." They can also go for remarriage to begin a new life."It is not the personal law board or the women in it, who are against the proposed Uniform Civil Code, but Muslim women in general in the country do not want it. Also, women have maintenance rights even after the divorce.Executive member of the AIMPLB, Asma Zehra, said Muslim women from across the country were coming together to demand that the personal law be protected."The campaign has already got support from Muslim women in Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP, Bihar, Delhi, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh."The incidences of divorce in Muslim community is much lower compared to other ones.The practice of triple talaq (immediate divorce) is at present the subject of a Supreme Court case, with the Centre and some Muslim women organisations seeking a ban on it on the grounds of being discriminatory to women. As citizens, Indians need to decide whether we want to follow the Constitution, which gives us religious rights, or some vested saffron agenda," she said. They feel safe and secure under the Sharia law," Kamal Faruqui, a member of AIMPLB said. "The PM was right when he said this is not a 'Hindu-Muslim' issue."We are also getting a good response from women in small villages and cities," she said

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They can do whatever they want

If you look at it objectively, if there are sentiments involved, nations are bound to react, instead of responding."Musician Ehsaan Noorani, who as an Indian is "angry and hurt" says, "I am not bothered with this whole issue. They can do whatever they want. Although television," he adds, "is equally good, if not better in Pakistan. Let’s face it; no star can really impact policies between countries," he says. It’s a political matter that is permeating into our social and cultural spheres. However, according to him, the ban of Hindi films in Pakistan will translate into a greater loss for them. So, no matter what, the entertainment industries have always backed their respective governments," says film historian S. It has also been reported that on Thursday, several Pakistani halls have stopped screening Bollywood movies, after the Indian army launched surgical strikes in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. "If banning Pakistani shows in India helps a body in expressing their hurt or emotional concern, then it is alright. The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Pakistan’s electronic media watchdog, stated on Saturday that the association would ban "illegal" Indian television channels STEEL/STEEL SEALED TYPE BLIND RIVETS Suppliers in Pakistan and imposed a cap of less than six per cent of air-time to telecast Indian television channels. A file photo of Indian film posters on the walls of a movie theatre in Pakistan. The solution is definitely not banning TV shows — this is an emotional reaction," she says.M. But, does it make any sense Industry insiders weigh in. What difference does it make Are they tackling the real problem No. We will retaliate, and they will have a response — this is going to be endless. According to Archana, these stances are a way to vent out emotions. Filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar says, "The industry has taken a unanimous stand that art should be kept out of this. He says, "Indian films are highly popular there, and their film industry is not in a good shape. Last week, soon after several Indian politicians voiced their opinions to ban Pakistani actors from working in India, Pakistan followed suit. "During a previous Indo-Pak war, Dilip Kumar and Sunil Dutt, who were the stars of the era, would go to the borders and entertain and encourage soldiers. Ausaja."While the crackdown on illegally broadcast channels is in force, effective immediately, the cap of six per cent airtime will be implemented from October 15 onwards. However, in the age of Internet, when pirated streaming is rampant, it is not a difficult task to view content from anywhere in the world with just a click.However, this is not the first time that the entertainment industries are showing "solidarity" with their governments. The real problem is terrorism and it is going unaddressed.M. This India versus Pakistan issue is something that has been going on for a long time. Although, in the past I have said that musicians are peace bearers and all, I don’t think they are going to achieve much out of this. Often, right-wingers propagate them.Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, a day after his birthday, television artist, Archana Puran Singh says, "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.As tensions rise between India and Pakistan, the entertainment worlds show solidarity with their governments. But, I strongly believe that culture and arts should be left out of these political issues, since they are — and need to be — global entities. If banning TV shows helps express their sentiments, then I am okay with it. It’s about a country trying to fight terrorism and save its borders, and civilians. Even before Zindagi brought Pakistani TV shows to the country, people were watching them anyway." But above all, he feels that art shouldn’t be associated with politics." Pointing at a sense of loss, he Ehsaan says, "It is sad how our soldiers die year after year, over this same issue. I remember once a Pakistani television personality had told me that if Amitabh Bachchan ever came to their country, cities would come to a standstill. "I find these stances funny because they are nothing but populist measures to keep the masses happy. But, does it make any sense Industry insiders weigh in. And today, with the Internet, people will watch them anyway; staying connected is easy," he concludes.As the two countries lock horns following the Uri attack and the consequential surgical strikes by India, entertainment industries on both sides of the border, too, seem to be up in arms to support their respective countries. Echoing similar views, filmmaker Ketan Mehta says, "This seems like a tit for tat thing. (Photo: AFP) As tensions rise between India and Pakistan, the entertainment worlds show solidarity with their governments." She adds, "Right now emotions are involved, and it is more than just a war. There are people living in that country as well, who don’t want anything to do with this war, but they are being dragged into this

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